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Working with Death and Dying


Why you would seek this kind of session:


Are you in the dying process, or are you close to someone who is dying or who has passed on?


The nature of this work:


If you are in the dying process, we work to support you in resolving life issues and releasing fear and other distressing emotions. If someone you know is in the dying process, we can work to support your own journey and help you have as beautiful and open experience together as possible.

What a session is like:


Sessions include intuitive work to release grief, fear, and unresolved issues as well as the option of contacting departed loved ones. This can be meaningful for the growth and well-being of both parties.

La Catrina, by Andrea Vargas-Mendoza. See more of her work at


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More about working with death and dying


Mainstream culture does not teach us to have a good relationship with death. In fact, we are discouraged from interacting with it at all. Thus, we do not develop tools to manage our fear of this companion who is with us from the moment we come into the world. I find that clearing these fears deepens our abilities to connect with our bodies and our experience, and to live in profound appreciation of the present moment.


When we make friends with death, we have room to make friends with life. As a teacher of mine said once, people can be afraid of being in their body, being fully alive, because that is where the mortality is.


Each time I have had the experience of being part of someone's dying process I have also seen that they have a lot of help from the spirit world. I believe that death is a rich and meaningful experience and we owe it to ourselves to experience it with openness and awe.

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