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[Image: Three bottlenose dolphins staring directly into the camera so you can see how perfect their yoke-like mouths are. Below the sea floor looks possibly in trouble. The sea is robin's egg blue. There are fish in the background and radiant light and diver bubbles and a bit of an unwittingly photobombing diver. The ocean needs our care and respect. Photo: Wix.]

More about communication with guides:


This work can include:

-working with childhood or past life patterns

-dialoguing with conflicting parts of yourself

-receiving guidance and suggested rituals from the spirits

-integrating perceptual shifts to release trauma and ways of relating that no longer serve you

We may also work with:

-spirits connected with your home

-the land

-ancestors and departed loved ones

-those caught in historical traumas to offer them recognition and if needed, help them release to a healthier and more harmonious state

Doing this work is a skill, not a talent, and we innately understand it. For folks who do not want to commit to an in-depth process or who do not feel ready to talk to their guides, I offer channeled sessions where you also participate in creating shifts, and I work with people to unwind their hesitation about meeting their guides.

Communication with Guides


Why you would seek this kind of session:


Do you want to experience the excitement of a more conscious spiritual connection? Are you interested in receiving help from the spirit realm to see your life patterns clearly and shift them at a deep level?


The nature of this work:


During intuitive sessions, your guides joyfully collaborate with you in changing your patterns and perceptions so you feel more present, empowered, and alive. I can relay messages from them or assist you in safely and clearly identifying how your guides communicate with you.


What a session is like:


We start with what you would like help with and see where the process leads, often discovering the origins of the issue and the underlying needs the pattern is trying to address. After a session you will likely experience both energetic and physical integration and encounter new life situations that are more congruent with your conscious intentions and present self.

[Image: Chauvet cave painting of horses, rhinos, and bulls ca. 32,000 years old. The expressiveness of the animals and the attention to physiological detail is exquisite. In our bones we know how to properly love horses. Photo: Thomas T., "Etiologic horse study, Chauvet's cave," CC 2.0.]

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