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Flower Essences

Why you would seek this kind of session:


Do you feel stuck with an issue but can't identify why? Do you understand your blocks but can't get out of your own way? Or do you feel depleted, unsupported, or overwhelmed by your emotional responses?


The nature of this work:


We benefit greatly from the wisdom of the plant kingdom. Flower essences are particularly helpful in opening doors we did not know were there by making an end-run around our defenses. Flower essences are also deeply supportive and restorative, giving us the energy to make profound shifts. Diana Pepper of Tree Frog Farm says that flower essences rewire blown fuses.


What a session is like:


I work with people in selecting essences and making blends. First I will ask you what issues you want to shift so we can put your intention into the blend. If you wish you can help narrow down the flowers from the ones I choose for you. This usually makes the blend more powerful. I will walk you through some easy options for checking essences.

[Image: Clusters of purple lilacs in bloom. A whole bonanza of them.] According to the Flower Essence Society, lilac essence can support deep wellsprings of memory that rejuvenate the soul and connect it with life meaning. May also support a healthy nervous system. Plus lilacs are the best thing ever.

[Image: Close-up of pink peach blossoms in full bloom, full of light and shadow. There are out-of-focus branches in the background in front of a textureless blue New Mexico sky.] According to Spirit-in-Nature essences, peach blossom essence supports altruism and nurturing from a place of maturity and wholeness in a way that expands your own energy. Also enlivens the feet.

More about flower essences


Flower essences are distilled energies from flowers and trees. Sometimes stones and crystals are used to support the distillation process.


When you work with flower essences, you are choosing to enter into a relationship with beings who will care for you on a soul and cellular level.


Flowers: “We see the fabric you are woven into and the light inside it. It is with utmost care that we tend to the alignment of all your threads. We support your life force by freeing your connections to the cosmos where it comes from. You cannot talk to us through your mind but you can talk to us through your dreams. We would like you to understand that every moment the world is new and very precious. There is an unbroken sacredness in everything and we want you to understand this with your breathing.


Right now a lot of human society is knowingly or unknowingly trying to break the threads that are the vessels of life force. We would like to help you heal at the deepest level. You will add our hearing to your hearing. You may not recognize this at first but we would like to help you remember how to be human again by reintroducing you to your relationships with all things.”

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