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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Why you would seek this kind of session:


Would you like to release past experiences and traumas which negatively impact your life? Would you like to integrate new insights into your body and energy system?


The nature of this work:


Emotional Freedom Technique, or “tapping,” is a great method for releasing underlying thoughts, beliefs, and emotions about our health, goals, relationships, or life circumstances and opening us to new possibilities of being. It is amazing how much relief EFT can bring in just a few minutes. In longer sessions you can explore and shift larger core issues.


What a session is like:


During a video chat session I will ask you a series of questions to explore the core of the issue you want to work on, and then will guide you through the tapping sequence on a series of self-acupressure points and suggested tapping phrases to clear old patterns. Once you know the sequence and some of the techniques, EFT is also a great self-care tool that you can use on your own or with a friend.

Photo: Nichole Green


[Image: Trans woman with curly brown hair and a black-and-white summer dress, smiling and tapping EFT points under her eyes. There is an autonomic nervous system poster in the background.]

EFT Basic Recipe.png

Issues EFT can be helpful with:


-releasing stress and trauma

-changing life patterns

-easing pain

-increased energy and focus

-relieving cravings

-improved sleep

-improved physical well-being

-better immunity

-greater self-understanding

-more harmonious relationships

-clearer connection to intuition

-removing inner blocks to goals

-better self-care and self-worth

[Image: A chart of the EFT basic recipe and diagram of the tapping points. Image available from Gwenn Bonnell at]


Full image description here. Written description of the full recipe and point locations here.

More about EFT


EFT combines cognitive and somatic release to access where these patterns are stored. EFT can be used to shift major life patterns. It is also a simple, quick tool which you can do yourself through the course of your day whenever you feel like you need a reset.


Maybe you don't even realize these are limiting beliefs. A lot of them are framed as “This is the way the world is.” This is because we absorb many our frameworks from very early life experiences, and so in order to shift them we need to give ourselves space to explore them and intervene in our own thinking.


In my experience, once you have some practice with the technique, all you need to do is begin the tapping process and your body will say, “Oh okay, we're healing something now!” It's a process which can quickly turn held anxiety, sadness, anger, and trauma to deep relief and laughter. I have used EFT with many veterans.

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