I am an activist, writer, bodyworker, and intuitive. Since 2002 I have had a practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and over the phone.

All of these things started early for me, in the way that I loved them—social interaction, words, bodies, energies are all the house of magic to me. I grew up with rocks in my pockets and having secret conversations with birches and wooly bear caterpillars.

I have been lucky to learn some fabulous healing tools and I am passionate about making them accessible to a wider audience.

I think that being in touch with ourselves, our bodies, our world, our histories—whether they are ours across lifetimes or whether they come through our ancestors to us—is the most fun we can possibly have. Because our pain is there, and we need to reckon with it, but our life is there as well, in us, in our relationships that give us meaning, and in our world that gives us breath.

[Image: Head shot of Moriah, a white genderqueer autistic person, with a pale background. Moriah is smiling with their head tilted slightly.]

[Image: Oscar the chocolate lab enjoying some shoulder work. He is leaning against Moriah's hip while she lifts his right front leg. He is wagging his tail and smiling. They are on flagstone surrounded by various bike and garden and garden hose things creating a gentle, off-hand atmosphere.]

All of these energies that carry us help us address the difficulties of our social structures—how we confront racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, genocide, ecocide—and how these forces play out in our bodies and our lives. In my own journey, and in the journey of each of my clients, I keep returning to the fact that our health and happiness unites us with the beings all around us.

I hope to offer folks some tools for remembering yourselves, and for finding your own maps of meaning and interconnection, and I am excited to learn from you. Every session is surprising, and takes us places I haven't seen before.

I live in northern New Mexico, which is beautiful in a way that you need to open all of your cells to fully feel, and which is endangered by oil extraction. Current hobbies include: running around in the woods with dogs, poetry, attending public hearings, and trying to develop periscopic vision to see around cats while writing.

Society of Ortho-Bionomy International Member # 2547

NM Academy of Healing Arts Ortho-Bionomy Program

NM Academy of Healing Arts Cranial Sacral Therapy Program

EFT Advanced Practitioner

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Contact: 505-577-0479
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