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Animal Communication and Bodywork


Why you would seek this type of session:


Are you a non-human animal (or do you know one) who would like to talk about your feelings, needs, and what you are trying to express through your behavior, or would like to receive support for physical issues, past trauma, or adjusting to new animals or new situations?

The nature of this work:


Animal communication works with the same techniques and principles as communication with guides and body-based distance healing for people.

What a session is like:

Sessions are typically conducted with your human on the phone (or by messenger) so they can give feedback and history and learn new ways to support you and interact with you. Sessions are usually about a half hour because you are better at processing energy than humans are.

[Image: Pumpkin T. Monkeypants, an orange tabby cat, and Mariposa Fluffernutter, a fluffy calico, entwined with their legs criss-crossed like Lincoln logs. They are 90% asleep. Photo: Moriah Williams.]

More about animal healing

Animals generally take to this work very well, because they are so energetically attuned. Sometimes I will meet an animal I've done distance work with and they will be over the moon with gratitude--they know exactly who I am.

Animals also tend to be working on big energetic and emotional projects, often to support the people in their lives. They willingly help us, but this can be stressful for them unless we understand their signals and needs in this process.

Frequently I do sessions with an animal and their corresponding person together, as the animal will share what they are trying to help you with. Together with you, the animal, and your respective guides, we can find ways to balance the pattern in a way that is supportive for both of you. Animals also have specialized relationships with their surroundings and may need support in shifting patterns in your home.

I sometimes suggest single flower essences for animals, or I can make blends for their specific situation which you can put in their water or rub on their fur.

I also do structural bodywork with dogs in person (note: this service is on hold because of covid). I've found that cats tend to prefer distance energy work. Some find it easier to focus on a session when they are not also navigating a new person in their physical space.

[Image: Dasher, a black greyhound-lab mix (probably), looking serene (not his usual state) while Moriah assists him with an ilium rotation release, lifting his hind leg. Moriah is kneeling next to Dasher to support his other hip. The sunlight is celestial and in the background the xeriscaped garden is full-on New Mexico with plants that are both pointy and delicately floral.]

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