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Body-based Distance Healing

Why you would seek this kind of session:

Do you have an issue in your life that is expressing itself physically? Would you like to explore what your body is asking of you and what it holds sacred?

The nature of this work:

Body-based distance healing exists somewhere between communication with guides and therapeutic bodywork. We start with the symptoms that are present and ask your body for information—what the issue is about, what needs to talk or shift, what needs to energetically balance.

What a session is like:


Distance sessions tend to be shorter than table work because they are more focused and energy/quantum healing moves quickly or instantly. Distance work is often less palpable and takes longer to integrate than table work, so you might not feel the results until the next day or two. There is sometimes more narrative about what wants to release than with table work.

[Image: Painting of a breaker balanced on one hand with their legs splayed out above them. Their face is turned away from the camera. There are patterns in all the colors of the rainbow that look like excitable musical staves indicating the patterns of movement. Some of the rainbow colors look like paint splotches.]

[Image: A pair of hands, one solid and one transparent, a few inches apart with palms facing. There is water streaming down from the solid hand and something vaporous rising from the transparent hand. The background is out-of-focus. Image:]

How does body-based distance healing work exactly?

All of the modalities I practice are physical and energetic; while it is possible to focus on one or the other, it is impossible to separate the two. According to Hugh Milne, author of "The Heart of Listening: A Visionary Approach to Craniosacral Work," "The field is the least dense part of the body, the body the densest part of the field."


So it is possible to access the physical body from the energetic field and vice versa. Our energy field and physiological processes create and influence each other. The process of energetic communication and healing works whether the client and practitioner are a few feet apart or thousands of miles apart.


The physical body is also an expression of our spiritual selves. Cranial sacral therapy in particular works with the flow of cerebrospinal fluid which, as Milne says, is where spirit steps into form.


The body is where our spirit communicates with the most urgency, so listening to the body is a direct route to inner knowing. Often body sessions unfold into decoding your spirit journey, your work, and your dreams.

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