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Finding Joy Amidst Depression and Anxiety
Hosted by Monica Rico

I was delighted to be part of this gathering of practitioners! Monica and I had a rollicking good time talking about widening our bandwidth, what we tell ourselves about anxiety, and the deeper, more life-giving emotions that want to be felt when we are anxious.

I'm learning how to caption long videos. In the meantime, here is the
transcript. You can purchase the series for $47.

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Southwestern College Community Panel:
Exploring Disability, Bias, and Access

Professor Magdalena Karlick interviews Dr. Sandie Yi, Dr. Reji Mathew (she/her), Adjunct Faculty Member Roxie Ehlert (she/her), and me for Southwestern College’s Multicultural Perspectives in Art Therapy & Counseling course. It was exciting to be in the room with these artists and scholars who focus on disability justice.

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Indiana Disability Justice: Advocacy and Survivorship

This webinar features a cross disability panel of people who will address how to advocate for survivors with disabilities in the medical system, legal system, and after a crisis.

Co-Sponsors: Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Multicultural Efforts to End Sexual Assault, Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault & Human Trafficking, Indiana Minority Health Coalition

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Neurodiversity Part 1

I had great fun with two kind and lovely people, @karterjnewton and @felixthenewton on @downtherabbithole_podcast. We talked about politicized healing, late-identified autism, synesthesia, Karter’s beer can collection, advertent and inadvertent autistic representation on television, productive body language, and the accidental joy of my freshman roommate in college and I scaring boys out of our room. See my Instagram for further episode notes.

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Life's a Hoot:
Trauma Healing from a Holistic and Politicized Perspective for Marginalized Individuals

Tiffiny Rivera hosts a conversation with Rob Williams (my brother) and me about trauma healing, especially for autistic folks. We spoke about what trauma is, as well as healing from difficult experiences in our own lives and possibilities for supporting oneself and others in connecting with our agency and power. There was enough on the table that we dropped a lot of threads.

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Buddhist Wisdom, Modern Life: Intuitive Wisdom

Dr. Claire Villarreal hosts a conversation with me about death, Spider, magic, portal witchery, and connection with other realms.

Check out Dr. Villarreal's new book,
The Buddhist Path to Joy: A Practical Introduction to the Four Noble Truths, a wonderful, interactive multimedia guide to Buddhist teachings full of humor and inquiry.

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Introducing a New Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee for SOBI
by Moriah Williams, Ian Jorgensen, and Renee Schneider

Explorations of the liberatory principles in Ortho-Bionomy®. Article on p. 3 of the newsletter. The formatting didn't quite translate - contact us for a plain text version.

*Ortho-Bionomy® and Society of Ortho-Bionomy International® are registered trademarks that indicate membership in the Society, and it is used with permission.

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Social Media

TikTok Videos

Absolutely garbageposting my way to social media proficiency (thanks, Simone Grace Seol!. Here is a sample video on why spirit communication can be hard for folks experiencing trauma and oppression in which I pause a lot and barely make eye contact with the camera and Pumpkin is looking for moths and mousies (expect more just like this).

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It's like the same, but different, from my gallery page. Questions and postulates coupled with images from the natural world to support your sense of possibility and joy in aliveness.

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