Online Classes



I'm currently offering the following 90-minute classes via video chat for your organization or group. For full descriptions go to the Workshops page.

Listening to Your Body

Engaging Your Intuition

Introduction to Ortho-Bionomy®

Healing from Being Silenced/Feeling Witnessed

Self-care for Social Justice

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The classes below include a package of articles and videos centered around a theme which you work with at your own pace. They are sliding scale $0-50. They also come with the option of three discounted one-hour remote sessions to support you as you work with the material for a price of $210 (each additional session related to the course work costs $70 per hour).

Please contact me if there is a specific class you are interested in. I will prioritize completing classes with high interest.

Tools for Healing Silencing and Marginalization

We are deeply affected by how structural issues and internalized messages are stored in the body. This class offers a set of practices that my clients and I both use to work with the impact of erasure—our own and others—and divest from this toxicity to make room for creating new structures and messages.

Tools for Sustainable Activism

Emotional Freedom Technique and somatic explorations for working with your body, perceptions, and emotions to engage with activism in a healthy way.

Changing Your Relationship with Sugar

Emotional Freedom Technique and somatic explorations for folks who want to eat less sugar, stop eating sugar, or develop a more mindful, friendlier relationship with sugar.

Tapping to Open to Your Intuition

I find that many people want to deepen their relationship with their intuition and their guides, but their biggest blocks to doing so are self-doubt, an insufficient feeling of trust and safety, or overwhelm about how to connect. This course is a good precursor to working with consciously meeting your guides.

Self-Care Tools for Exploring Yourself and Your Relationships

Questions and explorations to guide yourself through clarity about what you know and what you need, and holding a neutral and loving space for others.

Working with Exposure Anxiety

Emotional Freedom Technique and other practices to navigate the fears that can shut us down from being witnessed and giving our best gifts.

Communicating with Your Guides: Basics

This is a course to supplement one-on-one sessions for learning to work with your own team of guides. This is intended as a way to enjoy cameradier and reduce costs while still receiving support for delicate work.