Half hour distance sessions

for support during the coronavirus shutdown - donations welcome

Hello friends,


We are offering half hour sessions by donation in April and May for as many folks as we can. We really love this work and feel that this is the best thing we have to share in terms of mutual aid right now.

We are asking for a suggested donation of $15 (regular price $50) so we can extend this offer to a lot of people, but we are not turning anyone away for lack of funds.


We think that having even a small exchange changes how much people commit to participating in the session and thus how much they benefit, but we also know that folks may not have much these days so we want to offer our time to anyone who would like a session.


Up to two additional sessions for $15 each.

May all beings be well and supported!

Doozer Goldberg of ABQ CranioSacral, LLC is an LMT and Cranial Sacral practitioner who is offering Body-Based Distance Healing


She works mainly with veterans and LGBTQ people with PTSD, helping them to decrease chronic pain and anxiety, because it's super important to feel resourced and safe in times like these. She welcomes anyone who may need physical or emotional support.

You can contact her here:

Moriah Williams and Doozer 2.png

[Image: Side-by-side head shots of Doozer and Moriah. Both are white queer folks who are smiling at the camera. Doozer is standing on a path in a marsh at sunset. Moriah is in front of a light stucco background.]

Moriah Williams practices Cranial Sacral Therapy and Ortho-Bionomy® among other modalities and is offering the following sessions which could be helpful at this time:


-Body-Based Distance Healing

For calming, immune support, or for anything that you would normally seek in-person sessions for such as pain, posture, lymph work, trauma healing.

-Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) 

To help with grounding and to de-escalate fears about the virus, money, the future, and isolation.


-Working with Nature and Spirits

To give and receive support for yourself and the ecosphere to help us collectively stay in balance (this can also be combined with body-based work).

How do distance healing sessions work?


All the layers of the self are interconnected, including the physical, energetic, emotional, and quantum (beond time and space), and so it is possible to interact with all of these layers from any point of connection.


If the work were something we were doing to clients then distance sessions wouldn't work very well, because force dissipates over distance. In-person sessions wouldn't work either, because all shifts happen from within, from your responsiveness, reflexes, and self-recognition.


As practitioners we offer you the container and witness for your own transformation. We are also meeting in the quantum field, where there is no dissipation of connection or focus.


If you haven't had a distance session before, you may be surprised to find how effective it is. In times when our usual avenues are not available to us, as is the case right now with in-person healing and connection, we tend to be especially open to new ways of being and doing.


The more you experience distance healing, the more easily you may track it, just like learning a language, but what an important time to access deeper possibilities of the potency inside us.

franz marc deer in snow.jpg

[Image: "Deer in Snow" by Franz Marc. Painting of two serene-looking does in front of blue and white spiraling snow drifts. One deer is licking her front hoof and the other is gazing, long and lithe-necked, toward the snow/skies.]

A note on in-person v. distance sessions


No healing modality is right for every person, and obviously in-person and distance sessions have slightly different qualities. 


For example, touch can be beneficial or crucial for people who are learning how to self-soothe, whereas for people who feel disconnected or distressed by physical sensation, distance work can be a great entry into feeling more connected. 


There is a great deal of overlap between the two approaches, and many folks can benefit from multiple approaches. 


At this time when touch is not an available resource, this is one way to explore other ways to ground and embody.

green cross gentian.jpg

Photo by skeeze on pxhere.com


[Image: Photo of green cross gentian, also known as elkweed, a striking green, purple, and white flower with four petals and stamens in a cross shape. According to the Flower Essence Society, green cross gentian essence is for hope and resolve to serve as a healing presence in the world.]