How do I choose which kind of session to schedule?

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You might find you are clearly drawn to a particular modality. If not, how do you decide which is the right kind to schedule?

You can simply book a session, and we can see where the work takes us.

Each modality page has more information about what the work is like and what to expect from a session. This is material you can dig into if you are curious to learn more. In reality, all of the intuitive work dovetails and often we use many approaches in one session. And honestly, all of it is improvisation because the work creates change, and every time you shift something, your situation is new.

We usually start with what issue feels most important to you. If you are not sure where to begin, we can just see what starts talking. If it is a physical issue we may start with exploring body mechanics or energy patterns in the body, but the root could be related to your emotions or past lives. Similarly, we could start with a spiritual or life pattern and the session will lead to releasing where it is stored physically.

Often in the process of a session, a flower essence or two will show up, or you will get input or assistance from your guides or animal companions.

EFT and creating a flower essence blend are the only types of sessions which have a separate format.

If you are unsure whether to schedule one of these or a different kind of intuitive session, we can check at the time of booking. Similarly, we can check whether it makes more sense to schedule a distance or in person session.