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How do I choose which kind of session to schedule?

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Choosing a Type of Session


All you need to know to book is whether you want a video, phone, or chat session.


Here is more information if you are not sure which to choose:


How a Session Works


We always start with the question of what do you want for yourself out of a session. 


What you want for yourself may deepen or change throughout the session. That is part of the exploration.


If you are not sure where to begin, we can just explore what you might want, or what catches your attention about your experience. Discovering what you want for yourself can emerge from that. In a lot of ways, healing is a process of finding clarity. I will be there with you to explore.




You might choose a Zoom session if:


  • You find it easier to orient to the session or you feel more connection between you and me if we are looking at each other.


  • You feel more comfortable with me tracking you in a visual way (I see you just took a big breath, I see your shoulders just relaxed) rather than me tracking your body intuitively. 

This can be especially true if you are still learning how to track your own physical and energetic boundaries and needs, and it helps to have someone model this skill. It can also just feel disorienting or too personal to have someone tracking intuitively if you’re not really familiar with the process.


  • You want to do an Emotional Freedom Technique session and you don’t know the points, or you just find it easier to follow along visually.


  • We are doing a lot of somatic self-care work and you would rather see them demonstrated instead of hearing descriptions.


  • You want me to visually see something about your body or your animal.

  • You want our communication to include gestures, or you want to supplement our communication with Padlet. You can post images or text here to better express yourself.


  • You would like to have an audio session but don’t want to talk on your phone because of issues around radiation, reception, etc. In which case we just turn the cameras off.


Some folks do not want to lie down or move around on video, but you are welcome to do any of these things on video if you are comfortable doing so. Part of the healing work is about letting yourself choose whatever will enhance your experience of the session.




You might choose a phone session if:


  • You already have too much zoom in your life. I get it--we can get screen fatigue, and we can get entrenched in certain physical patterns in our efforts to look present on video. Whatever the reason, phone might just seem easier.


  • We are mostly doing verbal exploration and you just don’t need video.


  • It is easier for you to track other layers of perception and to sink into your connection with your body or other realms and dimensions of yourself without the added layer of video.


  • You feel comfortable with your energetic boundaries and your agency with your body and energy, and you feel both connection and containment while we meet in the energetic/quantum field. 


  • You are doing a session for your critter and they don’t care about Zoom.



You might choose a chat session if:


  • It meets your access needs, for example: you are Deaf or hard of hearing, have auditory processing issues, or are nonspeaking/semi-speaking. You can also choose this if you just think better in writing. We can also supplement with Padlet over Zoom if that helps you express yourself.


  • You feel less vulnerable on chat than video or phone, or it feels easier to manage your own space this way.


  • You want to have an exact transcript of the session for later (there is also a reasonably good transcript option with Zoom if you prefer, and you may record Zoom or phone sessions).


Do I need to choose a modality?


If you are clear on wanting a particular modality, let me know, but it’s okay if you are not clear. 


The modalities I practice have similar principles, and basically they are just a big tool chest of options to meet you where you are in the moment. 


So you do not have to choose one in particular, with the exception of wanting a flower essence blend, which you need to decide at the beginning of the session (and for which there is an additional charge).


A lot of times, a focus on one layer of yourself will touch other layers. If you want to work with a physical issue, for example, we may start with exploring body mechanics or energy patterns in the body, but the root could be related to your emotions or past lives. Similarly, we could start with a spiritual or life pattern and the session will lead to releasing where it is stored physically. 


You might want to look exclusively at body mechanics, or life patterns, or skills around setting boundaries, for example, or maybe you just want to do EFT or Cranial Sacral. You can let me know that, too.


These particulars may influence whether you want a video, phone, or chat session.


As always, you can contact me with any questions.

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