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Distance sessions for folks in the movement for Black lives and communities affected by state violence

Whether you are on the streets, on the web, or feeling at risk or heartbroken by racism, violence, and hatred, don't hesitate to reach out for support. I know I can't offer everything, but I can offer something.

I can offer emotional first aid, self-care tools, spiritual work, and witness. No charge - this is reparations.


Half hour distance sessions for support during the coronavirus shutdown


Donations welcome


Hello friends,


A colleague and I are offering half hour sessions by donation in April and May for as many folks as we can. We really love this work and feel that this is the best thing we have to share in terms of mutual aid right now. 

I am happy to schedule regular clients for phone/video chat/IM sessions right now but am not seeing clients in person until further notice.

Go here for more details.


In wellness and solidarity, Doozer and Moriah


Mending the Web

I offer individual sessions and classes, both in person and at a distance. During healing sessions, you and I work together so you can communicate more deeply with yourself and your guides. Sessions include a range of somatic, emotional, and spiritual approaches to provide a unique experience to meet you where you are now.


Because all beings are interconnected, healing ourselves and healing the earth are intertwined. What the world needs most from us right now is to feel excitement and delight in our bodies, our lives, and our relationship with those around us. Coming home to ourselves enlarges our capacity to listen and bring magic and healing through for everyone. In turn this helps us heal the power imbalances in society.


This site also offers accessible tools for you to explore new ways to interact with your body, with spirit, and society.

Photo: Kevin LeFevre


[Image: Silhouette of a doe treading ankle-deep through the waters of Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park at dawn. The horizon is ringed with blue mountains.]

What a Session Is Like


We work with spirit guides to support you in making profound shifts in your life. We may focus on shifting a physical pattern, exploring an emotional issue, or tuning into spiritual guidance, but ultimately any of these approaches feeds your whole being.


Sessions are a process of inquiry to find the underlying wisdom that patterns in your life are trying to express, and discovering more effective ways of meeting the underlying needs. All of the modalities I practice support you in remembering your own power. When you befriend yourself in this way, healing is full of surprise and excitement.


Sessions can include channeled messages from guides and those who have passed on, or if you wish, I can assist you in connecting consciously with your own intuition and guides. Usually the guides will suggest practices or new ways to perceive an issue that you can work with on your own to deepen the healing experience. A session is the beginning of an unfolding process—as the healing integrates, you will likely have new insights and releases.


Sessions typically last from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on how in depth you want to go in one sitting, and whether you integrate a shorter or longer session more easily. Each of the modalities I practice are explained more fully in the services offered section.

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