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Mending the Web


Delight in Healing and Liberation

Private Sessions ~ Education ~ Self-Care and Community Care

We all have an innate capacity

for healing ourselves

and the world around us.

We can trust ourselves to live

in alignment with our hearts.

The world needs our creative power.

[Image: A white dove spreading their wings in a clear blue sky with the text, "FREE CONGO, FREE SUDAN, FREE HAITI, FREE PALESTINE"]

doe glacier national park.jpg

[Image: Silhouette of a doe treading ankle-deep through the waters of Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park at dawn. The horizon is ringed with blue mountains. Photo: Kevin LeFevre]

Together we explore the innate wisdom of your patterns and difficulties to learn what those patterns are trying to communicate or achieve.


We work collaboratively with a variety of tools to meet you where you are in any given moment:

  • inquiry

  • self-care

  • energy work

  • somatic practices

As we explore your experience you may:


  • Reclaim your energy and aliveness

  • Make friends with yourself

  • Trust your power

  • Experience spaciousness

  • Deepen your ability to listen

  • Advocate for yourself and others more clearly 

  • Reconnect with your intuition and sense of magic

  • Feel comfort and ease in your body, life, and relationships 

Our healing opens doors for those around us, those who came before us, and those who come after us.

  • Simple Tools
    All the techniques I use with clients are both practical and magical. We work with movement, stillness, listening, and perception in ways that integrate body and energy, inner life and community. We work with how to ask questions and how to honor the responses from ourselves and our environment so healing can unfold in the way that it wants to. The web of existence wants our love and participation—healing ourselves and healing the whole is part of the same practice.
  • Accessibility and Inclusion
    Primary to the work we do together is that everyone deserves a place at the table, and everyone has a right to health and happiness. Coming to life as our full selves and honoring the selves of others is central to the work of undoing marginalization. In healing work, as in all things in modern society, it is important to bring our awareness to how our individual and community well-being and power are affected by and can affect white supremacy culture and related forms of domination. This can help us to normalize the day-to-day dismantling of these systems, as we remember how to root ourselves in ancient and new frameworks of relationship and care. I am continually working toward increasing the accessibility and inclusiveness of this site and I am grateful for constructive input on how to do so. In the classes and educational material I do my best to offer several possibilities in the explorations as well as variety in presentation to create as many entry points as possible for reflection and healing.
  • Healing Relationship to Self and Others
    Do you want to discover and deepen your power for healing? Do you want to make friends with yourself in a way that releases you from old patterns and frees you for what is really important to you? Do you want to feel connection and joy in your body rather than feeling at odds with it? Do you want to remember how to listen with all of the parts of you, so you are really here for your own life? I think for all of us, the answer is yes to these questions. In my experience one of the biggest obstacles to feeling fully alive is that we don't believe we have the capacity to feel what we are feeling. Another obstacle is that we are afraid to fully inhabit our own power—we don't know if we are up to dealing with the consequences of our actions. And it is true there are strong social forces which are depriving us of resources we need, we don't have a duty to hold these patterns in our bodies and minds. The more we connect with ourselves, the more we remember how powerful we are. A lot of times we have learned that we need to suppress ourselves to be good people, to have our needs met, to earn our right to existence, to be safe. But being kind and attentive with ourselves and our internal wisdom is the very thing that helps us help each other and be responsive to the energies that give us life.
  • Practical Magic
    We are surrounded by beings who want to help us heal the web of existence in very concrete ways. To me this is the most remarkable and satisfying work we can participate in. It is humbling and heartening to realize that there are always ones ready to support us. Connecting with them is a skill, not a talent, and they are eagerly waiting for us to reach out. They want us to do our part, too—the more we can listen and open ourselves and make conscious choices about our energy, the more we can heal the world together. And seriously, these folks know how to party. I find that the wisest beings are the ones who delight in how every moment, the universe is new. My perspective is clearly a spiritual one, but I do my best to offer secular approaches as well. Many of what I consider to be my spiritual principles, such as attention, gratitude, responsibility, humor, awe, and sensory enjoyment, are values I inherited from stubbornly secular people. No matter what we are always in relationship, so this site is for folks who are interested in living a life full of meaning, whether you frame that spiritually or not.
  • Body-based Healing
    According to Ortho-Bionomy®, everything in the universe has a self-righting reflex. This is not how mainstream culture teaches us to relate to our bodies, but the truth is our bodies are intensely opinionated and also very responsive to our attentiveness. During a session we may engage your reflexes to release pain and feel more comfort in your body, or see what shifts when you bring new awareness to posture, play, and body mechanics. Sometimes the body just needs gentle witness and validation to complete its own processes. Because matter and energy are connected, this work can be done just as easily at a distance as in person. Sessions we do with your guides are equally physical in nature. While the work may sound abstract or fanciful, it integrates tangibly in all aspects of your being. Connecting with multiple realms is not separate from our lives and our physical reality—this communication affects our bodies and our experiences.
  • Societal Healing
    A key part of healing is consciously exploring how our inner lives interact with social structures. There are so many ways that we are silenced and taught to erase each other. We have also become conditioned to be estranged from our bodies and our inner wisdom. When we clear the hold that these messages have on us, we can reclaim our power to imagine and bring about a world in which we can truly care for each other and all beings. This world is our home, and we deserve to live joyfully together.
  • Humor and Adventure
    Humor heals us by freeing us from the power of negative patterns and helping us break through to new understanding and connection. In every session something comes forth that I have never seen before. We are endlessly inventive and we are always learning. This excitement of encounter is not reserved for specific spiritual practices only—the purpose of these practices is to support us in bringing a profoundly awake joy to all aspects of our lives.

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