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Upcoming Workshops

Moriah will be offering three presentations at the 2022 Optimal Aging Conference, an online event hosted by the University of Louisville Trager Institute:

U of L Trager Institute.png

[Image: U of L Trager Institute / Republic Bank Foundation Optimal Aging Clinic logo. U of L is in bold red lettering and there is a stylized stick figure between "Aging" and "Clinic." Underneath this logo is the 2022 Optimal Aging Conference logo with the tagline "Aging Inspired. Aging Reinvigorated," with a colorful abstract logo of four people joined in a circle. To the right reads, "April 23-26 Virtual Event."]

Monday, April 25, 1:30-2:30 PM ET
Care and Consent

Poster Session
Tuesday, April 26, 10:30-11:30 AM ET
Care for Caregivers: The Beauty of Letting Go of Agenda

Breakout Session
Tuesday, April 26, 1:15-1:45 PM ET
Making Friends with Death, Making Friends with Life

Rapid Info Session

From the 2022 Optimal Aging Conference website:

"This multi-day virtual conference unites healthcare and social service professionals, industry members, academics, older adults, and caregivers who view aging as an opportunity. Hear from leaders in the aging field, octogenarians from our community, holistic practitioners, and many more, as they share stories and ideas on how to inspire, innovate, impact, investigate, and integrate the aging experience. With outstanding keynote speakers, continuing education and networking opportunities, a resource-rich exhibit hall, and over 30 presentations, this conference is not to be missed."

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