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Session Format Options and Accessibility

Phone, Video Chat, and Messenger


Most intuitive sessions are conducted on the phone. I find that this allows for a focused and magical experience, as a lot of the information comes through visually in a nonphysical space and there are fewer distractions than with video chatting. I also work via messenger if that works better for your comfort and accessibility needs. For channeled sessions, some of the beings I work with prefer to write their responses, which I can read to you as they write during the session and can also send you in real time or after the session as well.


Emotional Freedom Technique sessions are usually conducted via video chat so you can follow along with self-care movements. Once you know the EFT tapping sequence, it is your choice if you prefer to tap along via video chat or if you prefer to tap on the phone or via messenger. For body-based distance healing sessions I work best over the phone or messenger for the reasons stated above, but it can be helpful to have video chat available to practice self-care movements, should that come up.

[Image: Closeup of a mostly yellow and black swallowtail butterfly with extended wings resting on a sunflower, possibly having a swig of pollen. The sunflower is facing the camera directly. Actually the sunflower is facing the sun directly, but the photographer is well-positioned.]

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