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bees constellations
bees constellations

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what is happening now
what is happening now

[Image: Gentoo penguin with their belly facing the camera, whose head is raised and turned to the side. The penguin is standing in snow. Text: “We can throw out our hypotheses at any moment and return to the question, ‘What is happening now?’” Credit: “ photo: kata716 on Canva”] If we carry this question with us, we can travel light.

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demons trying contrast
demons trying contrast

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We all have the innate capacity to heal and connect deeply with ourselves and the world around us.


Mainstream society actively discourages us from living in these connections.


Another way of being is available to us, which often returns to us as soon as we make room for it.

Our healing opens doors for those around us, those who came before us, and those who come after us.

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Together we explore the innate wisdom of your patterns and difficulties to learn what those patterns are trying to communicate or achieve.


We work collaboratively with a variety of tools to meet you where you are in any given moment:

  • inquiry

  • self-care and self-advocacy

  • energy work and spirit work

  • body-based practices

As we explore your experience you may:


  • Reclaim your energy and aliveness

  • Make friends with yourself

  • Trust your power

  • Experience spaciousness

  • Deepen your ability to listen

  • Advocate for yourself and others more clearly 

  • Reconnect with your intuition and sense of magic

  • Feel comfort and ease in your body, life, and relationships 

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