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to Explore Inner and Collective Liberation

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Healing and Liberation


Healing is fundamentally freeing. 


The more we allow ourselves to experience inner healing, the more space and curiosity we can offer ourselves and those around us. This, in turn, allows for more healing.


This workshop is for nurturing grounding, clarity, and curiosity which naturally help us create a kinder and more mutually supportive world.

Part 1: Tools for Inner Liberation


September 18

Class 1: What is Your Yes, No, Maybe, Something Else? Internal Signals and Boundaries

Class 2: Making Friends with Yourself


October 2

Class 3: Embodying Spaciousness 

Class 4: Where There's a Will, There's a Won't: Unwinding Ideas of Force


Part 2: Tools for Social Liberation


October 16

Class 5: Emotional Freedom Technique for Getting Class Class 6: Comfortable with Gender and Pronouns

Healthy Autistic Boundaries 


October 30

Class 7: Advocating for Yourself As a Marginalized Person with Therapists and Providers

Class 8: Empowered Aging: For Current and Future Elders 

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All classes are on Saturdays from 12-4 Eastern/9-1 Pacific. Sessions will be recorded if you cannot attend live.

You may register for single classes or for the whole series. Go to the Registration Page for class descriptions.

Closed captioning and transcript options. Please let us know about your other access needs.

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Moriah Williams offers education and private sessions to help people deepen their connection with their self-healing capacities and their reflexes for care and empowerment. They work with body, mind, spirit, nature, and society as layers of self. They practice Ortho-Bionomy®*, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Emotional Freedom Technique, and they are a NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM®)-Informed Practitioner.

* Ortho-Bionomy® is a registered trademark of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International, Inc. and is used with permission.

[Image:  Photo of Moriah, a white genderqueer autistic person, smiling at the camera in front of a stucco wall. The tail of Pumpkin T. Monkeypants, an orange tabby, is photobombing the picture from Moriah's lap.]

Register and receive:


  • Our free newsletter, including updates about this and other classes

  • A free guide: “Do Less to Invite More Ease: How to Nurture a Reflex for Centering” 

Pay what you can rates

This class is pay what you can to increase accessibility. If you can pay market rates, we encourage you to do so. Please pay what feels like an investment in yourself and an investment in the class at a rate that feels affordable to you. Whatever you can pay, we are happy to have you. 

When you choose your payment amount, you will receive a link and schedule information. You will receive a reminder email with the link a week, a day, and the day of before the class.

There will be an opportunity after the class to pay more if you feel you benefited and would like to pay more.

No one turned away. Please contact us if you would like to register and cannot pay.

If this series interests you, we would be grateful if you share this class with others.

Suggested payment:

$20-$120 for a single class

$60-$400 for all four 


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