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These are 90-minute classes which I can offer for your organization or group, either in person or via video chat.

Listening to Your Body

Engaging Your Intuition

Introduction to Ortho-Bionomy®* Demo

Healing from Being Silenced/Feeling Witnessed

Self-care for Social Justice

Tapping to Open Your Intuition

Deepening Consent

Healthy Autistic Boundaries

Balance v. Justice: A Spider Perspective on Sustainable Social Change Work

These classes are designed to be an introduction to practices you can continue to explore and deepen your relationship with on your own. You will receive a detailed handout of all of the exercises for reference.


Please come as fragrance-free as possible to maximize accessibility. Let me know if you have other access needs.

Classes are by donation. No one turned away for lack of funds.


Class Descriptions




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Listening to Your Body

Playful somatic and perceptual explorations for listening to your body's signals


Mainstream culture discourages having a healthy relationship with our bodies.


Our bodies are where our pain is, and they are also where our power is. Listening to what is there is key to accessing our freedom, joy, and aliveness.


Being able to discern what your body is telling you is also crucial for making decisions in the healing process, either during self-care or with a practitioner, and for feeling empowered in your life.


Join us in a gentle group setting to explore your body's signals and feel more comfortable identifying and tending to your needs.

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Engaging Your Intuition


Listening to the inner life of all things


The briefest description of spirituality for me is the belief that everything is sentient and trying to behave accordingly. There is great responsibility in this view, and great magic in it. We become aware that we are surrounded by beings who ask for our mindfulness, who offer us great help and insight.


How do you listen? It's easier than you think, and you already know how. Building on the skills from the listening to your body class, we will practice finding the place within ourselves for hearing stories from our bodies and from other living beings. We will also do an Emotional Freedom Technique exercise for trusting our inner knowing.


Talking with spirit guides is beyond the scope of this evening, but the same basic skill set applies whether we are talking with spirits or with stones, plants, and shoulders.

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Introduction to Ortho-Bionomy® Demo


Bodywork and self-care to engage your innate ability to heal


OB works with your body's reflexes, both physical and energetic, to support you in feeling comfort and ease. People seek this work for pain, posture, increased range of motion, and quicker recovery from injuries. OB can also be helpful with increasing your sense of safety and choice in your body and your relationships. Sessions are fully clothed and take place on a massage table, or seated or standing.


This intro will include a discussion of OB principles, an intro to a self-care tool for working with your joints, a hands-on demonstration of table work, and an exploration for working with the principles of Ortho-Bionomy regarding an issue in your life.


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Healing from Being Silenced/Feeling Witnessed


An introduction to using Emotional Freedom Technique to unwind internalized silencing


In this workshop we will explore the potential of EFT for looking at our experiences of being silenced and marginalized, and identifying and shifting our feelings and beliefs about ourselves and the world that we have absorbed from these frameworks.


This is not a class on how oppression will go away if we dtop believing in it; this is a practice in which we can communicate to ourselves that we are not obliged to do the work of hurtful structures by carrying them in our bodies and repeating their messages to ourselves. We need the feeling of being understood, and we need that room for healing ourselves and our communities.


We will also explore possible ways that we can witness others more fully.

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Self-care for Social Justice

Caring for yourself for the work that deeply moves you

This is an abridged version of the Tools for Sustainable Activism class, designed for activists and nonprofit organizations. It focuses on quick coping tools, strategies for grounding, clarity, and boundaries, ways to move energy through, and practices for replenishment.

The class can be tailored to emphasize your specific group's needs. We can also schedule a single section of any of the Tools for Sustainable Activism evenings.

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Tapping to Open to Your Intuition

I find that many people want to deepen their relationship with their intuition and their guides, but their biggest blocks to doing so are self-doubt, an insufficient feeling of trust and safety, or overwhelm about how to connect. This course is a good precursor to working with consciously meeting your guides.

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* Ortho-Bionomy® is a registered trademark of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International, Inc. and is used with permission.