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“Water Warriors” by Moira Garcia, 2016
Original Monoprint:
Suminagashi (Japanese marbling), letterpress, and xerox transfer on paper
Water is Life ~ teoatzin techmaka tonemilis (Náhuatl)
Images of Chalchiutlicue and Tlaloc from Codex Borbonicus (Mexico, circa 1500s)

See more of her work at

[Image: Chalchiutlicue and Tlaloc on marbled blue, gray, and white paper. There is a blue image of corn between them with the lettering "NoDAPL." Text above reads "El Agua Es Vida ~ teoatzin techmaka tonemilis."]

Call for Artists

I am interested in using this site to boost artists doing work around the body and nature, especially from social justice/spiritual perspectives. Hopefully this will bring more exposure for you and it will make this site more lovely.

Currently I can offer $50 for images used on the website and $10 for images used on the blog.

If you think your work would fit with the themes, please contact me at 505-577-0479 or Thank you!

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